In the fall of 2015, my partner Paul Newton and I took a photographic trip to Iceland.  Three years in the dreaming, this journey took us on a circumnavigation of the world's most active volcanic island. We visited steaming sulfurous hot springs, endless lava fields covered in verdant moss, vast glaciers aglow in the Northern Lights, mist shrouded mountains, black volcanic sand beaches and waterfalls of every imaginable size.  It was a journey that taught us how to accept the gifts Iceland had to offer one moment at a time.


This collection of prints represent only a few memories from the trip, all prints from the show are available for purchase as a limited edition series in the size displayed and a variety of other sizes and formats.  For reproduction, I work closely with Image House Digital, Halifax's premier printing house to create Fine Art prints.  Their high-resolution printers use water-based pigment inks to print onto 100% cotton rag acid-free watercolor paper, or specially prepared gesso archival canvas.  All the photographs in the collection were taken with my Olympus OMD EM-1 camera and reproduce well in large format.  Only a small selection of the photographs from the trip were reproduced for the show, I am available for one on one consultations to help you select the photograph that best meets your needs.



Cape Dyrholaey

Vik i Myrdal, Iceland

19”x13” Photograph 

28/09/2015 - ISO 400 22mm f 8 1/250 sec

This stretch of southern coastline is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world and one of wettest places on earth. A basalt sand beach stretches out to the remnants of a cliff beaten by the North Atlantic Ocean into a row of pinnacles standing defiantly on the coast. This color photograph shows the drama in this landscape made all the more magical by the tale that these pinnacles are trolls caught by the rising sun as dragged their boats to the sea. I used all my strength to steady my tripod in the gale force winds that frequent this coast.


Last light

Last Light, Snaefellsnes, Iceland

19”x9” Photograph

11/10/2015 - ISO 100 115mm f 8 1/8 sec

Another day was drawing to a close as we rounded the end of a fjord and got our first glimpse of Snaefellsnesjokull. Shrouded in mystical light it was the only time we saw this glacier free from clouds and mist. Nestled in the centre of three peaks this glacier is claimed by spiritual gurus to be one of the 7 energy centres of the earth, more specifically the heart chakra. We certainly felt the draw to explore this peninsula that is often described as a mini-Iceland due to its diverse landscape.


Black and Blue

Black and Blue, Jokulsarlon Lagoon Iceland

19”x13” Photograph

01/10/2015 - ISO 100 26mm f 8 1.5 sec

Large bergs calve off Vatnajokull glacier into Jokulsarlon Lagoon where they are washed to and fro by the tidal river that links the lagoon with the North Atlantic. Once they are small enough they are swept out with the tide onto the basalt sand beach. There the surf tumbles and breaks them up into smaller and smaller bits until they melt away. The glacial ice ranges in color from crystal clear to a deep luminescent blue a stunning contract to the black sand beach. We spent a glorious two days chasing these bergie bits around the beach with our cameras.


Snafellness pano

Lava River, Snaefellsnes Peninsula Iceland

19”x9” Photograph

13/10/2015 - ISO100 12mm f 2.8 1/500

A unique feature of Iceland is the hardened lava flows that criss cross the landscape. Standing at the base of Snaefellsnesjokul the lava flow can be traced all the way to the ocean. Very fitting for a mountain featured in the Jules Vern classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Most of these lava rivers are now verdant landscapes covered in thick moss leaving erratic lava sculptures to mark the lava's path.


Spirit, Iceland

19”x13” Photograph

14/10/2015 - ISO100 40mm f 5.6 1/250

The weather in Iceland is very dramatic, constantly moving and changing. Dark moody clouds give way to brilliant sunshine and rainbows then return again to shroud the landscape in a dark mysterious light. We saw many churches along the way often seemingly in the middle of nowhere. As these dramatic “god rays” swept across the landscape the light seemed to illuminate not only the church but the spirit of the Icelandic people in this harsh and unforgiving landscape. The light was only there for a moment before the clouds closed in and the rain returned.

Wind Horse

Wind Horse, Iceland

18"x32" Photograph on Canvas

01/10/2015 - ISO 500 150mm f2.8 1/1500

Iceland horses are famous for their spirited temperament and large personality. They are bred in Iceland and can never return if they leave, an effort to preserve the health of the breed. One of their 5 gaits is called skeid or flying pace since they seem to be hovering over the ground as they run. Herds of them can be seen roaming the grasslands in all seasons. I enjoyed many wonderful hours watching these animals as they played together but this day there was a gentle patience in the herd as they stood tails to the wind waiting for the sun to return.