Image Gallery

The artistic journey is a personal one.  As I slow down and breathe the world around me starts to emerge.  My mind clears, my heart opens and I begin to see.  These galleries represent some of the journeys I've taken to let go of my habitual ways of being in the world and learn to see again.  Click on the photos to access the galleries.  


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 Moods of the North Atlantic

This collection of images is a show I put together to hang at the Barn Cafe and Social House in Mahone Bay.  In the exhibit, I was exploring my relationship with the ocean and with myself.

"In many traditions water is considered the element of the unconscious and associated with intuition and emotion.  The more time I spent at sea I began to attune to the many moods of the ocean.  Her dark and angry storms followed by the tranquility of flat seas.  Over time I began to feel how the ocean was mirrored in my own being, sometimes allowing me to see, in the waves and sky, what I felt inside." 

Hirtles Backside

Photo Adventures around Nova Scotia

My first date with my partner Paul was a hike to Apron Falls. He lead me through the quiet forest along a river where sensuous rapids gave way to quiet pools nestled amongst verdant mosses and graceful ferns. All my senses were alive and I was captivated. This was the first of many trips we took together, camera in hand discovering the beauty of Nova Scotia.



Photo Adventure to Iceland

It began innocently enough with a fleeting idea to visit Iceland.  It quickly grew into an earworm, like those songs once in your head are impossible to get rid of, suddenly Iceland was everywhere.  I remember the first time I looked at a map it seemed an impossible journey to circumnavigate the island, a trip of 1,400 km.  In the end, Paul and I traveled over 4,000 km in just three weeks and brought home a photograph for every kilometer we drove.  Enjoy the Fine Art Photographs from our Iceland - An Adventure of Moments show.


Miksang Photography Adventures

A local Buddhist group offered an introductory course in Miksang photography (also known as Contemplative Photography). This form of photography encourages the development of direct perception through exercises focussed on various types of perception. They are lightly edited, perhaps a crop or some lighting adjustments. A small group of us formed afterward to continue exploring these themes and the development of our ability to see clearly.  These photos are from these adventures.

Creative Black and White Photo Artistry 

One of the things I love about the internet is the incredible diversity of resources that are at my fingertips.  As part of my journey into my creative mind I took an online course on Black and White Photo Artistry with Sebastian Michaels.  It was great fun to learn some photo compositing skills, I loved the freedom it gave me to explore.  The first few assignments demonstrated different ways to translate color photos to black and white, we progressed from there to using presets, textures, lighting effects and multiple image layering.  I will continue to spend time reviewing this rich set of videos and exploring all the resources he provided but for now I'm happy to have submitted 3 images to be considered for publication in the course's magazine.  Whew!